“Public Health Through Private Money” – Gallup & Gilani Pakistan Public Policy Study Circle

Gallup & Gilani Pakistan was privileged to host the first instalment of our Public Policy Study Circles. This event featuring Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, Founder and President of the Indus Hospital and Health Network, as a guest speaker on the topic, “Public Health Through Private Money”.

Many seasoned professionals from the medical and development sectors joined us for this enlightening discussion in order to stimulate policy discourse in their circles.

Dr. Gilani, the session Chairperson, kicked off the event by sharing Gallup & Gilani’s invaluable role in shaping policy discourse through public opinion insights. Dr. Abdul Bari Khan took us on a journey through the landscape of public health research in Pakistan. Drawing upon his personal history, Dr. Bari touched upon the transformative evolution of public healthcare in the country. From his days as a student at Dow Medical College, where he organized groundbreaking blood donation drives, to pioneering donor-funded medical initiatives, Dr. Bari’s experiences are a testament to the power of private initiatives in reshaping the healthcare landscape.

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